links & resources that i think are useful/want to keep :^) !


ftm guide huge resource page for transitioning folks

wii homebrew guide guide for homebrewing your wii

3ds homebrew guide guide for homebrewing/hacking your 3ds

nintendo switch homebrew guide guide for homebrewing your nintendo switch

w3 schools #1 place to learn html (i learnt how to make pretty much my entire site from here!!!)

css tricks lots of cool stuff you can do with css!!

free blinkies lots of blinkies

winamp skin museum lots of winamp skins

the iconlog large collection of 32x32 icons

cursor mania archive for cursormania, get lots of cursors here

3d text maker generate your own 3d text

dhtml/javascript graphics resources dhtml/javascript graphics effects to use on your webpage

enegram pixel huge pixels resource that i use frequently

cool gifs cool gifs

GUIdebook "graphical user interface gallery"

GIFYPET put a pet on your site!

kirby's rainbow resort lots of kirby content- graphics, walkthroughs, art, forums, music, etc.

catbox keep your files here

adventure time archive adventure time episodes!!

queer anime database categorized lgbtq+ anime database

watch cartoons i use this for definitely legal anime and cartoon watching

awesome piracy lots of piracy resources, go ham, never pay for anything

districs large collection of cool sites, categorized

the whimsical web collection of "sites that spark joy"

scp foundation main scp wiki

mystery flesh pit national park a national park cave that's actually a huge creature

junji ito junji ito archive